Student Presentations    
Date Last  First Title
4/16/2001 Stone Caleb Economics of Weed Control Using Precision Agriculture
4/16/2001 Warren Jason Potential of Using Precision Agricultural Practices for P Fertilization
4/16/2001 Tejral Ron Can Precision Agriculture Reduce Non Point Source Pollution?
4/18/2001 Williams Danielle NDVI: What it measures and what it means
4/18/2001 Teal Roger Practical Uses of Precision Agriculture
4/18/2001 Holloway Jake Grain Yield Monitors
4/20/2001 Martin Kent Sensor Based Technologies for Predicting Soil Organic Carbon (organic matter)
4/20/2001 Rogers Frannie Making Precision Agriculture Pay
4/20/2001 Slowik Victor Remote Sensing of Aphid Induced Stress in Wheat
4/23/2001 Galaviz Cesar Precision Agriculture in Mexico
4/23/2001 Overturf Amy Applications of GPS and GIS in Precision Agriculture
4/23/2001 Simmons Dustin Application of Sprayer Technologies in Field Equipment
4/25/2001 Mosali Jagadeesh Potential for Integrated Use of GIS-Agriculture Models
4/25/2001 Steinert Matthew Variable Rate Precision Seeding; Methods and Equipment
4/25/2001 Witt Aaron Cost/Return Analysis for Precision Agriculture on Oklahoma Farms
4/27/2001 Fisher Phillip Feasibility of Precision Management for Golf Courses
4/27/2001 Franklin Michael GIS and Comprehensive Nutrient Management Plans
4/27/2001 Rabet Seyed Precision Agriculture as an Answer to the World's Increasing Population and Land Losses
4/30/2001 Farris Rodney Use of Remote Sensing to Assess Wetland and Water Quality
4/30/2001 Hodgen Paul Economics of Raising Nitrogen Use Efficiency Using Sensor Based Technology
4/30/2001 Roberts Michael Precision Agriculture and the Use of GMO's
5/2/2001 Moges Shambel Differences Between Red and Green NDVI, What they Predict and What they Do Not Predict
5/2/2001 Li Xiaoxue Precision Irrigation
5/2/2001 Yang Zhiming Remote Sensing in Precision Irrigation
5/2/2001 Tang Yan Manure Management in Precision Farming
5/4/2001 Sechrest Chris Sensor versus Map Based Precision Farming
5/4/2001 Wilson Galen Relating Precision Agriculture to Real World Applications
5/4/2001 Pittman Josh Sampling Patterns and Agronomic Consulting Relative to Precision Management