SPRING 2003      
Topics   Class Introduction
1. Course Introduction  J. Solie

2. Nutrient Management J.Solie/G. Johnson

3. Descriptive Statistics, J. Solie

4. Sampling Strategies, J. Solie

5. Grid and Zone Sampling, H. Zhang

6. Position of the Landscape/Topography, W. Raun

7. Position of the Landscape, W. Raun

8. Introduction to GPS (1), M. Stone

9. Introduction to GPS (2), M. Stone

10.  Resolution Determination, J. Solie

11. History of Indirect Measures, W. Raun

12. Precision Sensing Technologies, M. Stone

13. CSPEC 2003  W. Raun

14. History of Predicting Yield Potential, N Response and N Rates W. Raun
(4 lectures)

15. Replacing Soil Testing W. Raun


Student Presentations 2001
Student Presentations 2002
Student Presentations 2003

Syllabus 2003

Homework 2003

the "Green Revolution"
the "Greener Revolution"

First Hour Exam 2002

**Final Exam 2002

KEY to the final exam on Friday May 9 (2-4pm) will be handed out following your completion.





16.  GIS, J. Solie

17.  Satellites, J.Solie

18.  Aerial Imaging, J.Solie

19.  Yield Monitors, J. Solie

20.  VRT Mechanisms, J. Solie

21. GreenSeeker IKONIS, J. Solie





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