SPRING 2002      
Topics   Class Introduction
1. Nutrient Management G. Johnson

2. Course Introduction J. Solie

3. Descriptive Statistics J. Solie

4. Spatial Variability Sampling Strategies J. Solie

5. Resolution for Sensing/Soil Sampling
And Yield Measurements
J. Solie

6. Grid Sampling & Precison Ag H. Zhang

7. Spatial variability (what can we see?)

8. Need for Precision Agriculture
the "Green Revolution" W. Raun
the "Greener Revolution"

9. Global Positioning Systems (GPS) M Stone

10. Differential GPS  M. Stone

11. History of Predicting Yield Potential, N Response and N Rates W. Raun

(includes 4 lectures)

12.  Replacing Soil Testing W. Raun

13.  Precision Management Beyond Fertilizer Application  H. Zhang

14. Remote Sensing, J. Solie

15. Temporal Variability, J. Solie

16. LANDSAT imagery, J. Solie

17. Yield Monitors, J. Solie


Student Presentations 2001
Student Presentations 2002

Syllabus 2002

Homework 2002





18.  GIS J. Solie

19.  Position of the Landscape/Topography, W. Raun

20.  Precision Sensing Web Sites W. Raun

21.  CSPEC 2002  W. Raun

22.  Spatial Variability in the Check vs Spatial Variability in the N Treated Plot W. Raun, G. Johnson

23.  VRT Mechanisms  J. Solie

24.  Sensors  J. Solie