Student Presentations     2012
Date Name Title
April 1, Mon Kyle Parmley Site Specific Hybrid Planting
  Darren Butchee Using the Veris to map field for VRT Lime App.
  Blake Flurry What is Precision Ag Worth?
April 3, Weds. Kramer Simpson Advanced Sod Harvesting Machinery
  Jeremiah Pine Advancement in Rate Controller Technology
  Tony Jarvis John Deere GS3 System
  Thomas Entz Economic return of box drill vs air seeder
April 5, Friday Kip Smith Radio Waves in Agriculture.
  Trindle Brueggen The Importance of Precision Ag in Custom Operations
  Matt Terry Liquid Systems variable rate liquid fertilizer
April 8, Monday Kevin White Using precision spray technology for direct and variable chemical placement
  Jake Stuckey Cocktail Cover crops
  Kaitlyn Nelson

Monsanto's Key Contributions to Precision Agriculture

April 10, Wed. Katlynn Weathers

Using Grid Soil Sampling w/Precision Ag Technologies

  Curtis Dicks Variable rate maps based on yield and satellite imagery.
  Logan Nightengale Using Yield Monitor Data.
April 12, Friday Samantha Ambrose Precision Technology Use of Ag. Subsurface Tile Drainage Systems
  Dahlton Hill Harvest Technologies in Forage Production
  Stephen Stanphill The SPAD chlorophyll meter and its use in greenhouse horticulture crops
April 15, Monday Eric Miller 'Utilizing strip tillage technology to increase fertilizer efficiency
  Peter Omara Precision Maize Planting for small holder farms in Uganda
  Jordan Gatlin Subsurface Drip Irrigation: Applications for Precision Farming
April 17, Wed. Jeff Biggerstaff Addressing soil variability on north Central Ok Farm.
  Basil Long Future of Row Crop Equipment
  Ryan Turner Sensors role in Agriculture
April 19, Friday Alan Smith Economics of John Deere's AutoTrac and ITEC guidance
  Dakota Davis Economics of Precision Ag on Diversified Farms
  Rajen Bajgain Laser Land Leveling- a useful technology for Nepalese agriculture