SOIL/BAE 4213: Precision Agriculture    
  SPRING 2013      

Brian Arnall
Bill Raun
Wesley Porter
  Minden NE yield maps 

SST Visit Write up and Pictures

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OSU Calendar

Final Wed. May 1, 2-3:50


Student Presentations April 1-27


1. Course Introduction

What is precision ag? Ideas for your class presentation

2. Guest Speaker, Jan 8
  Dr. Bill Raun
 The OSU Hand Planter

The Green Revolution and the Need for Precision Agriculture, Feeding Our World

 Green Revolution-Timeline

3. N-Reference Strips
Ramp N Rich Strip (NUE Website)

4. Spatial Variability in Precision Agriculture

5.  Analysing Data and Resolution

 Resolution Determination

Descriptive Statistics
Excel Homework  file

Kriging and Inverse Distance

Sampling Strategies

Map files
2. 3. 4. 5.

Using Yield Maps

Relevant Publications
Microvariability: Soil Science Society of America Journal (62:683-690). 
Submeter Spatial Variability: Solie et al.1999

6. Visit SST Software Jan 28 or 30.

7. Guest Speaker
Dr. Chad Godsey, Feb 4
Owner/Operator Godsey Precision Ag

8. Web Soil Survey  (laptops)

9. Measuring the Soil

Electrical Conductivity

Soil Testing
Importance of Soil Testing

10.  Optical Sensors

 Radiometric Theory


Remote Sensing

Bee's see UV

History of Predicting Yield Potential, N Response and N Rates 

11. Section Control
John Fulton Pres
U Tenn ASCCC Calc. file

12.  Mechanics of Precision Ag.
Mr. Wesley Porter, BAE
Yield Monitors
Applicators Dry,liquid,gas.
Rate Controlers

13.  Guest Speaker
Dr. Jason Warren
C and N modeling

14. Seed Orientation

15.  Internet and Social Media

 Looking Forward
      Future of Precision AG

      What's next in Precision Ag
      AgWeather (Oklahoma Mesonet)
      Precision Ag (
      Precision Ag (Wikipedia)


 Student Presentations will be presented during the last three weeks of class.






  Sensing Technologies for Precision Farming

NASS National Agricultural Statistics Service

Wheat and Corn Prices