SOIL/BAE 4213: Precision Agriculture    
  SPRING 2012      

Brian Arnall
Bill Raun
Hailin Zhang
Randy Taylor
Wesley Porter
  Minden NE yield maps 


Class Introduction

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Old Class Materials From Previous Years
Final Exam, 2007

the "Green Revolution"
the "Greener Revolution"

First Hour Exam 2003
First Hour Exam 2002

**Final Exam 2002
***Final Exam 2003

SENSOR Homework

SBNRC Homework 2

Sensor Homework 3


OSU 2012 Spring Calendar



1. Course Introduction

2. The Green Revolution and the Need for Precision Agriculture, Feeding Our World

   Green Revolution-Timeline

3. Need for Precision Ag

4. Spatial Variability in Precision Agriculture

5. Descriptive Statistics
Excel Homework  file

6. What is precision ag? Ideas for your class presentation

7. Sampling Strategies

8. Resolution Determination

Microvariability: Soil Science Society of America Journal (62:683-690). 

Submeter Spatial Variability: Solie et al.1999

9.  N-Reference Strips
Ramp N Rich Strip (NUE Website)

Visiting Speaker  Jerry May

10. Radiometric Theory

Bee's see UV

11. Remote Sensing

12. What's next in Precision Ag

13.  Seed Orientation

14.  Internet and Social Media

15.  John Deere Todd Love

16.  SST Curt Woolfolk

17.  Soil Test
Importance of Soil Testing

Research Results, Foliar P

NASS National Agricultural Statistics Service

 Future of Precision AG
      AgWeather (Oklahoma Mesonet)
      Precision Ag (
      Precision Ag (Wikipedia)

GIS 2010

16. Review

17. Liquid Delivery (RKT)

18. History of Predicting Yield Potential, N Response and N Rates 

 GIS with Dr. Mark Gregory
In Room 266 Ag Hall Mon and Fri April 4th and 8th. In Ag hall 225 on Weds.

GIS 2011 Downloads
Soil 4123 Zip
Fridays Zip

Controlled Leaf Orientation via Seed Placement

Corn Boom Could Expand Dead Zone

Wheat and Corn Prices

Student Presentations will be presented during the last three weeks of class.






Additional Presentations

1.  Yield Monitors, J. Solie

2. Precision Management

3. GPS Intro

4. Sensing technologies for precision

5. History of Indirect Measures
       CV Concept
       RI_CV New

6. Satellite Management, J.Solie

7. GPS 2007

8.  Research Results, Foliar P

Resolution Determination 2

10. Grid Soil Sampling, NESPAL

11. VRT Mechanisms

12. RESOLUTION Determination

13. Future of Precision Ag

14.  (H.Zhang)

15. The case for by plant resolution


  Sensing Technologies for Precision Farming