Student Presentations     2011
Finals Week: May 2-6 Final EXAM:  (link to finals week)
Spring Break: March 14-18  
Final: Friday, May 6, 2-4  
Date Name Title
April 11, Monday Josh Porter Wildlife Conservation in High Fauning and Calving Areas using a Thermal Imaging System as a Precision Agriculture Tool
  Adetola Tiamiyu Is Precision Agriculture a Vital Tool for Cassava Cultivation?
Natasha Macnack Precision Ag in Rice Production/Suriname
April 13, Wednesday Abdoulaye Samba Use of Alternative/Renewable energy to Allow/Ease Precision Agriculture in the Third World
  Pradeep Wagle Agriculture in Nepal
  Anserd Foster Feasibility of Precision Agriculture for Improving Agricultural Production in Jamaica
April 15, Friday Celso Tamele


Precision Agriculture and Small Scale Farming

Michael Reinert

Transformation from Conventional Tillage to Precision Agriculture
  Berhanu Andarge Tracking Stem Rust for Better Disease Management
April 18, Monday Tyler Grimes Wing / boom Control for Anhydrous Applicators
  Cameron McAnally Prec. Ag. App. in the Production of Cotton in the High Plains
  Ethan Wyatt Robotic Farm Equipment
April 20, Wednesday Bryce Payne The Use of UAVs in Precision Agriculture
  Heather Collins Use of Microchips in cattle production
  Cody Claflin Grid Soil Sampling
April 22, Friday Austin Terhune Use of Precision Ag in Texas Panhandle Corn Production
  Courtney Whitacre Use of Precision Ag in Potato Production
  JJ Bull Precision Technologies in forage production
April 25, Monday Charles Slough Precision Irrigation
  Michael Haas Precision Technologies used in Turf Grass
  Jenna Parnell Artificial Insemination (AI) in Swine
April 27, Wednesday David Peper Comparison of Guidance Systems
  Nicole Woods OKFire and its Applications
  Arjun Pandey Rice Planting System in Nepal
April 29, Friday Courtney Dunkel Precision Agriculture in No-till Production Systems
  Mark Coffman The Importance of Crop Insurance in Relation to GIS