Student Presentations     2010
Finals Week: May 3-7 Final EXAM:  (link to finals week)
Spring Break: March 15-19 SOIL 4213: Wednesday MAY 5, 2-4
SOIL 5813: Wednesday May 5, 8-10
Date Name Title
April 12 Randy Taylor (Fluid dynamics)  
April 14 ALI, MUAID SHAKER The affect of soil and environmental conditions in Marshes in Southern Iraq on the crops
  CALHOUN, STEVEN R Precision Irrigation

Precision Agriculture:
The Increasing Importance of its Utilization in Cereal Grain Production for Yield Benefits and Input Savings

  CHIM, BEE KHIM Soil and water management in Malaysia
April 19 EASTWOOD, KYLE WAYNE Livestock Feeding, Keeping UP with Today's Precision
FERGUSON, JASON CONNOR Weed control in the 21st century: a primer on precision agriculture’s
role in improving yield, quality, and resource conservation
  FRIEOUF, MARK ELMER The Difusion and Adoption of Precision Agriculture
  HEDGES, WESLEY JOHN Precision Agriculture Relating to Liquid Applicators
April 21 HOHMANN, GREG MATTHEW Advancement of Anhydrous Ammonia Application
HYDE, THOMAS KEITH, JR Precision Ag in the Beef Cattle Industry
April 23 MILLER, ALLISON MARGARET Genetically Modified Foods and the Third World
  Petersen, Jeremy Current GIS Software
  POPOLIZIO, SEVERINO Precision Technology in the Dairy Industry
April 26 SITTA, AISSATOU Precision Agriculture/ climate Risks/ in Niger
  SNELSON, STEVEN JAMES Precision Planting
April 28 STIMPSON, STEPHANIE Improvement in the Cattle Industry/Role of Precision Agriculture
  SUTRADHAR, APURBA K Simple Field Tests to Assess Soil Quality in Precision Agriculture
  Taylor, Keenen Precision Ag in Cotton Production
April 30 Sheffield, Brian Precision Agriculture in Hay Production
Haken, Heather The Importance of Crop Insurance and Precision Agriculture
Leighton, Brennan Precision Ag in Oklahoma Wheat Production