BAE/SOIL 4213 Precision Agriculture      
  Student Presentations     2009
  Presentations should not exceed 15 minutes, including the time for questions.  Ideally, the presentation should be 10-12 minutes, allowing for 3-5 minutes of questioning. 
Date Speaker Title
April 13 Matthew Edmonds Controlling Gophers and Site-Specific Management
April 13 Kevin Waldschmidt Precision Planting for Row Crops
April 13 Birehane Desta Solar Intensity Variability and Crop Spectral Reflectance
April 15 Missi Cross Cattle Sensing Devices
April 15 Craig Spencer Automatic Bale Density Adjustments for Site Specific Management
April 15 Sarah Smith Variable Rate Planting: How Seeding Rate Affects Crop Yield
April 17 Jacki Langlois Tile Drainages and Site-Specific Management
April 17 Zhiyong Wang The Dire Need for Precision Agriculture Education
April 17 Yesuf Mohammed Attempts for Soil Test Based Phosphorus Fertilizer Recommendations for Tef production: Ethiopian Experience
April 20 Tanner Bennett The Impact of Precision Agriculture on Crop Insurance
April 20 Josh Massey Concepts of Site Specific Management in Orchard Crops
April 20 Daniel Oyster Benefits of Using Yield Monitoring and Field Mapping
April 22 Casey Andrews The Veris Machine and Site-Specific Management
April 22 Robbie Peterson Variable Rate Sprayers: N-Ramp Experiences
April 22 Dillon Butchee Methods of Determining Canopy Closure in Winter Wheat
April 24 Yumiko Kanke Sensing Technologies for Small-Scale Farms
April 24 Josh Lofton Precision Agriculture in Sugarcane Production
April 24 Emily Rutto Precision Agriculture in African Drylands: The use of Zai, Microdose, and Warrantage Systems
April 27 Sarah Wright Precision Agriculture Education: A Guide for Developing Programs
April 27 Jake Linneman Variable Seeding Rate in Sweet Sorghum
April 27 Derek Oyster Benefits of Precision Spraying
April 29 Kirk Castner Turfgrass and Site-Specific Management
April 29 Chris Thomas Precision Agriculture for Communal Farmers
April 29 Cortney Timmons Wireless Sensor Detection of Bovine Grazing, Urination, and Defecation
May 1 Guilherme Torres MODIS Sensor Data for Crop Monitoring