Student Presentations     2008
Date First Last  Title
April 9 Josh Bushong The Use of Remote Sensing in Weed Control
April 9 Kyle Marable Ripeness Detectors
April 11 Amber Brewe Precision Agriculture in Pest Management
April 11 Kelsey Flessner Public Education in Precision Agriculture
April 14 Brad Clayton The Use of Precision Agriculture in Agricultural Globalization
April 14 Cody Massey Animal Remote Sensing
April 16 Jonathan Kelly Precision Agriculture in Agricultural Aviation
April 16 Shane Hutto Precision Agriculture in Greenhouse Production
April 18 Sudeep Sidhu Comparing Conventional Tillage and No Tillage
April 18 Elliott Rounds Use of drip tape irrigation and how to make it work using RTK
April 21 Dusty Leck Variable rate seeding technology
April 21 Devin O'Neil Precision Fertigation/Irrigation
April 23 Rachel Crocker

Precision agriculture in environmental sustainability

April 23 Patrick Hurley Precision Management of Grain Quality
April 25 Jeffrey Gaither Precision Agriculture in Forage Production
April 25 Kyle Dollins Variable Rate Sprayer Nozzles
April 25