Student Presentations     2007
Date First Last  Title
April 11 E. Evans Chambers Agricultural Aviation
April 11 Brady Schultz Use of GPS Management Systems on Golf Courses
April 11 Pam Turner Precision Agriculture in Viticulture
April 13 Kody Moore Precision Sensing to Reduce Pollution
April 13 Cody Daft Variable rate irrigation
April 13 Clint Cosgrove Autonomous tractors
April 18 Matthew Gasser Precision Irrigation
April 18 Clint Dotson Use of Mesonet Data in Oklahoma Precision Agriculture
April 18 Brandon England Remote Sensing in Ranching
April 18 Olga Walsh Precision Agriculture in Europe
April 20 Curtis Johnson Precision Ag, No-till's only way in
April 20 Tami Knaust Precision equine grazing managment
April 20 Tyler Shrum Better use of measuring the ETc (evaporative transpiration content) in a golf course/turf setting
April 20 Jeff Wagner Precision Agriculture in Golf Course Wildlife
April 23 Daniel Edmonds Governments role in Precision Agriculture
April 23 Travis McMahan Use of automated turf mowers
April 23 Neha Patel Development of a Precision Applicator for Solid and Semi-Solid Manure
April 23 Matt Braun Precision Seeding Equipment
April 25 Jerry May Conventional Tillage versus No Tillage
April 25 Jenica Kohrs Public Education of Precision Agriculture
April 25 Shawna Loper Use of Weather Forecasting
April 27 Blake Tregellas Precision Spraying
April 27 Austin Heltne Advantages of Collecting and Analyzing Multiple Layers of Georeferenced Data
April 27 Billie McKean Tile Drainage
April 27 Danny Dallas Economics of Precision Agriculture, What Technologies are Being Adopted and Why?
  25 Students