Student Presentations     2006
Date First Last  Title
April 10 Jesus Santillano What Terraces Have to do with the Variability of Improved Gazed Pastures
April 10 Devin Weder Laser Land Leveling
April 12 Clint Sharp Precision Agriculture in Cotton
April 14 Adam Ferrell Producer Adoption of Precision Agricultural Technologies
April 14 Jessica Sheffield Increasing the Awareness of Precision Agriculture
April 12 Adam Wood New Technologies and Yield Monitors
April 17 Darin Sheets Tramlines in Precision Agriculture
April 17 Clint Wilcox Precision Agriculture and Water Use Efficiency
April 19 Cody GoodKnight Fertilizer Management in No-Till Farming
April 19 Derek Shephard Precision Ranching
April 21 Shane Curry Integration of Precision Agriculture Concepts and Practices in High School Ag Ed
April 21 Dustin Holden Evolution of GPS Guidance Technology
April 24 Eric Eyster Precision Agriculture and Herbicide Application
April 24 Luke Hanks Applications of Precision Agriculture in Wildlife and Controlled Game
April 26 Jeremy Church Use of Precision Agriculture in Hay and Forage Production
April 26 Starr Holtz Management Zones
April 28 Nick Baldwin Precision Irrigation
April 28 Tia Nobles Precision Agriculture for Insect and Plant Disease Management