Student Presentations     2004
Date First Last  Title
April 12     Grid Soil Sampling
  David Crossley NTech, A Case Study in Precision Agriculture
  Jacob Hamburger Precision Fuel Injection and Accurate Depth Control (Fuel Efficiency Savings)
April 14 Candice Johnson Using Data Bases to Store Precision Ag Data
  Levi Johnson Feasibility of the N-tech RT200
  David Zavodny Development and Application of Vehicle Guidance Systems for Precision Agriculture
April 16 Clint Ratke Importance of integration of GIS Software, GPS, and Site Specific Management in today's farming practices
  Cherie Sullivan Precision Irrigation in Oklahoma
  Jennifer Scott Dissemination of Precision Agricultural Information to Farmers
April 19 Solomon Kariuki Wheat P Requirements and NDVI Sensor Readings
  Marty Williams Feasibility of Creating a Private Business Using GreenSeeker-NTech Technologies
  Travis Hanks pH and K Differences in Wheat and Bermudagrass Pasture Related to Precipitation
April 21 Jimmy Stotts Variable N Application in Corn Production
  Clint Mack Uses of Laser Based Technology in Agriculture
  Ramesh VISHWANATHAN Precision Agriculture in India
April 23 Kyle Schroder Grain Loss Monitors
  Chung Byungkyun Recent Techniques in Precision Agriculture in Asia
  Brenda Tubana Challenges of Precision Agriculture in the Philippines
April 26 Daniel Penturf Maximizing Yield and Quality in Bermudagrass using Precision Agriculture Technologies
  Bishwajit Prasad Precision Agriculture in Plant Breeding
  Dodi Wear Contrasting Precision Ag Equipment between Different Crop Species
April 28 Donna Neumeyer Different Aspects of Precision Ag Equipment & Uses
  Julian Cacho Need for Precision Agriculture in Rice Farming
  Gim Khuan Ng GPS and Precision Agriculture
April 30 REVIEW  
May 3-7 FINALS