Student Presentations     2003
Date First Last  Title
April 18 Xi Xiong Use of Remote Sensing on Turfgrass
  Kody Feathersten Variable Rate/on-the-go Technologies
April 21 Robert Biffle The Key to Systematic Approaches for Precise Farm Management
  Summer Ashcroft Educating Farmers About Precision Agriculture
April 23 Beth Crumpler Current Use of GPS for Agronomic Practices and % Increase of Crop Yields due to GPS Use
  Dually Bertholf The Need to Increase Nitrogen Use Efficiency for Economic, Agronomic and Environmental Gains
April 25 Drew Mosburg Economics of Soil Testing
  Wes Scruggs Precision Sensing Technologies for Plant Breeding
April 28 Jason Lawles Predicting Winter Wheat Grain Yield Under Grazed and Non-Grazed Production Systems
  Justin Moss Optical Sensing in Turfgrass
May 2 Dean Monroe Comparison of Field to Enriched Strip NDVI Values
May 9
2-4 pm
Final Exam