Student Presentations     2002
Date First Last  Title
April 22 Ryan Jones Does Precision Agriculture Help or Hurt Small Farmers
April 22 Keri Brixey Comparison of Oklahoma State University, IL, IA, & TX Precision Ag Programs
April 22 Brad Collier Economics of variable applied nitrogen fertilizer
April 24 Tim Reh Precision Ag Use by Today's Agronomists
April 24 Brian Arnall Spatial Variability of Soil Carbon in an Agricultural Field
April 24 Jessica Pyykkonen How Precision Agriculture Could Be Applied in West Africa and The Benefits of Its Application
April 26 Chad Boshart Comparing EPIC-view Estimated Crop Yield to Observed Yield
April 26 Kefyalew Girma Weed detection for Precision weed management
April 26 Micah Humphreys The Function and Uses of Soil EM/EC for Precision Agriculture
April 29 Robert Mullen Using Green and Red Reflectance to Calculate NDVI for Wheat and Corn
April 29 Andy Clifford Precision Management Techniques for Forage and Hay Production Systems
April 29 Kyle Freeman Sensing Resolution in Corn.  Areas Sensed and Methods to Accomplish Optimum Resolution
May 1 Paisar Gadiaware Precision Ag for Asparagus Production in Southern Philippines
May 1 Ashaghathra Saleh Needs for Precision Ag in Saudi Arabia (Problems associated with Accomplishing this Task and Adoption)
May 1 Lesego Olefhile Soil Degradation and Loss of Nutrients in Soils in Africa